USA People Search - Lost $95:00 to omnitrace 561479893

New York, New York 1 comment
Not resolved

they promise to find my bother in 19 days and they stop asking me question

they had not wrote me back to to sent me the money,

that they said that they would send back if is he was found.

I want my money .. she i could shearch some place esle for him.

I pay with my crited vise card. this site promise to help you friend your

family memember and i need to find francicso junior rivera who had lift his loving home and when with a strenger. you could tell me who to talk to

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Your confusion about our guaranteed searches

Your search was one of our guaranteed searches.In other words, if we don’t find the person you are looking for we refund your money.

We had supplied you a possible match for your brother, but when it turned out not to be him we refunded your money.

Our guaranteed searches are a no lose situation.If we don’t find the person you are looking for you get your money back.

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